Office Catering 

Meal Ticket allows your team to enjoy great tasting food from our restaurant partners all over the city. Save time, money, and enjoy great food. We do all the work for you, from placing the orders, providing utensils, and delivering. Your team receives the top food choice and catering sized portions to feed your staff and unexpected office guest.


Service Overview

Our service includes ordering the top choices from the restaurant so you will always get great tasting food during the lunch hour. 



Thank you Meal Ticket.

“This was our first month trying out the meal plan, and so far it's been a real success around the office. Before this meal plan team members use to drive out for lunch and now most of the team stay and  eat at their desk so this allows them to get more work done. Thank you Meal Ticket”

— Juliana

Awesome Tacos.

“This is the first time the team has ever ordered Mexican food, so this was a great opportunity to try something new and different. The restaurant Meal ticket chose was really good and they made awesome tacos.”

— Luke

Made the Team Happy.

“When it comes to ordering food for the office it gets really intense and difficult. We have meat lovers, vegetarians, and food allergies. The first time we tried this service they were able to provide great tasting food options that the whole team was able to enjoy. So Meal Ticket made the team happy when they came.”

— Jennifer





Take a break from searching for restaurants during the lunch hour.